To: Dan & Tracy
Subject: Relief Beyond Belief
Thank you so much to everyone for sharing your comments about our debut digital MasterClass book, Relief Beyond Belief: Silhouette Dieforming in Polymer Clay, about the Cutting Edge Die Sets that go with the book, and about Designing With Dies, the book-and-movie bonus that goes with both. 
If you would like to add your thoughts about our books or tools, please send them our way.
Here’s what RBBers around the world are

Excellent first book! I just finished reading Relief Beyond Belief. EXCELLENT. There is no lack of details and explanations. The historical perspective is very helpful. All the fundamentals of working with polymer clay are well discussed and illustrated. The design and organization of the book is perfect. You should both be very proud of this "new baby". Looking forward to the next one in the series.
Ron Lehocky | USA

Many thanks to both of you for the amazing, super-designed ebook!!!
Christine Michel | SWITZERLAND

I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to getting the dies so I can start practicing. I've been working with polymer clay for 18 years and still find so much to learn. I appreciate the tone of the book. It really is a fabulous MasterClass! I'm looking forward to the next in the series, so get busy, will you? While I'm waiting, I'll be in my studio working on a "master" bead. Thank you both for this. Best regards,
Vickie Turner | CANADA

If you’re ready for a master class to catapult you into the new year, look no further than the new online book and master class offered by Dan Cormier and Tracy Holmes. The layout of the book is inspired, the lessons detailed and engaging, and the concept is spot-on. Dieforming is an important trend for polymer art in 2012.
Cynthia Tinapple
Polymer Clay Daily

Wow! What a lot of work and what a great result. The pictures are fabulous, the text is well written. Sure to be a success.
Beverly Lock | CANADA

It’s soooooo slick! From the book, to the die forms, to the promo, to the delivery methods, every detail is wonderfully clean and thoroughly thought out. But of course that is what I expected from you guys. I know how much planning and tweaking goes into making it look simple and elegant. Great work. Congrats! 
Maggie Maggio | USA

I just downloaded your book, I’m reading it already, there goes my sleep ;-)  Luckily, I have a day off tomorrow. Keep up that stunning work you’re both doing in 2012!!!
Liselot Henderyckx | BELGIUM

WOW!!!! FANTASTIC!!! The kind of book I’ve wanted for a long time. What a great job!!! Like everything you do. The use of the ebook format, the design, the content. All of it is wonderful!!!!!! Now get busy writing the others... I want them all!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!
Seth Savarick | USA

Thank you for my new book. It’s fabulous, inspiring, and I am so looking forward to getting my die sets so I can use these ideas spinning through my head.
Thank you again. You have allowed me to visit your studio and I feel like I have actually met you both and your work in person.
Donna Griggs | AUSTRALIA

I have just received the book. I'm very excited about it, and will be even more when the die sets arrive! Just looking at your sample made my mouth water. Thanks.
Suzanne Baer | SWITZERLAND

Jeez, do I love technology! I just downloaded your new book... easy peasy. I'm so jazzed about learning this technique and know the presentation will be up to your usual immaculate standards. What an exciting way to end this year and start the next one. Thanks so much for all your hard work getting this done, and for being generous enough to share all your time-evolved knowledge.
Ellen Kocher | CANADA

Thank you - I'm honored and delighted to own a First Edition of your first book. I will treasure it.
I’m so excited for you - everything you do is above and beyond excellent and beautiful. I hope you are celebrating, because you have so much to celebrate.
Susan Lomuto
Daily Art Muse

I've downloaded the book and I am thrilled. It looks wonderful, you've done a great job, I know how much work it is.
Alice Stroppel | USA

The book looks great and big kudos for pioneering the new digital delivery and format!
Heather Tinkham | USA
Stunningly beautiful... from one designer to another! CONGRATS!
Allyson Williams | MEXICO

What a great presentation! Fantastic congratulations. I do hope it's a mega success.
Kylee Milner | FRANCE
Loved seeing your work at RAM. It is so beautiful in pictures, but is stunning in real life. The whole exhibit is breathtaking. I am thrilled to see master classes for polymer clay like this. I look forward to your next book.
Beth Ackley | USA

GREAT JOB guys. This is a very informative work of art that you have created. I think it's the next best thing to a real life class, with that much in-detail information that you're giving. I'm sure dieforming will be a technique that one can easily incorporate in one's own work. I wish you big success with this excellent learning tool.
Bettina Welker | GERMANY

OH. MY. WORD. What a fabulous job you two have done on all the presentation, design and marketing of the book and die sets. It looks simply perfect. I am so impressed; I have seen the future and it looks like Dan & Tracy!! Many thanks again guys, and the page on my work is just wonderful. Such a compliment.
Melanie Muir | SCOTLAND

I couldn't wait to order this book, I took a quick view through all the pages, and I love it!!!! It is a real Dan Cormier book. Very detailed, beautiful pictures and beads, lots of information. And I often use my dies for metal clay too.
Christiane de Haes | BELGIUM

What a beautiful job you did on this book! Well laid out, well illustrated, perfect photos, well thought out instructions. Thanks for the opportunity to be one of the first to preview it! Great job!!!
Karen Woods | USA
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