Welcome to a new dimension.
First, it was a real live workshop. Now, it’s a digital book, with the whole workshop and a lot more. 
It’s a full-colour, full-featured, full-story book, exploring and explaining silhouette dieforming in polymer clay, one of the most elegant and accessible processes ever adapted for this medium.
We are thrilled to present our first book, Relief Beyond Belief, the debut volume in a new series of comprehensive digital documents called The Cutting Edge MasterClass Library For Polymer Clay. It’s available now for you to purchase, download, and discover on your desktop, laptop, or handheld digital device.
From coffee table to work table, from its ‘back story’ Introduction to the tools, tips, steps, and pics in its featured MasterClass project, this 140-page book teaches decorative dieforming through the making of a single bead. But the technique can also be used to make buttons, brooches, and other objects in a range of shapes and sizes that are simple to create, and easily repeatable. From designing to finishing, this book covers everything you need to complete a project. It also includes some extra stuff we think you’ll want to know about the process, and polymer clay in general.
More than just a ‘User’s Manual’ for our Cutting Edge Die Sets, Relief Beyond Belief is a foundational book that will provide beginners with a strong start, and also give insight, upgrade, and new possibilities to those with more experience.

Seeing in Belief-ing.
May we pique you with a peek? Here are some sample pages:

Want to see more? Click on this front cover to get a Mini Book of full-size samples:
Want to see it all? Buy the book. With just a few clicks, you can make your purchase, get your download link, and see our full book on your full screen in minutes, from one front cover to the other.
Wait a minute. Two front covers? How does that work? Well, that’s what’s so fun about a digital book. You can bend the rules a little (and when you see the book, you’ll see, we’re benders). As a resource for your studio, there’s a textbook front that says, ‘Get to work.’ To display on your coffee table, there’s a little dish of ‘eye candy.’ But what’s the real reason for this double vision? Two authors, two covers. We couldn’t decide.

Foreword by Nan Roche.
In the final stages of putting this book together, we showed it to Nan Roche. In 1992, before we knew her (and before we even knew each other), we each had her first book. So, almost twenty years later, we wanted her to be among the first to see ours. The New Clay laid a foundation for us as polymer clay artists (as it likely did for you too), and it continues to hold its place as a benchmark book for this medium. Here’s an excerpt from her Foreword for Relief Beyond Belief:

The rise of a new technique.
Dan started to explore dieforming in 1998, encouraged by renowned jewelry artist Barbara Minor. She had seen his work in polymer clay vessel construction and thought that some adaption of the popular metalworking process would be another ‘perfect fit’ technique for Dan to develop. After several months in the studio, he and Tracy debuted Relief Beyond Belief as a workshop, teaching and further evolving it in the years that followed. Now, they have distilled more than a decade of dieforming experience into one single book, to teach this innovative technique through a complete MasterClass project, and also share a deeper understanding of polymer clay that can only come with Dan’s almost twenty years of hands-on experience as an innovator, artist, and teacher in this medium.

Tools to die form.
When we launched our company with The Cutting Edge Peeler, the Peeler Kit came with a Basics tutorial. The ShARK Kit did too. This time, the tutorial has grown into a complete book, and instead of just one tool to go with it, we have a whole collection: Cutting Edge Die Sets, in eighteen different shapes, nine sizes per set, and Cutting Edge Long Trio Die Sets. a dozen different companion shapes, three sizes per set.

Our new Long Trios...
Capsule, Oval, Rectangle, Berry, Bud, Cone, Frond, Leaf, Long Pebble, Petal, Seed, and Stamen

Classic Geometrics.
Circle, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, and Diamond

Original Organics.
Berry, Bud, Cocoon, Cone, Frond, Leaf, Round Pebble, Long Pebble, Petal, Raindrop, Seed, and Stamen

If you’ve taken our RBB workshop, you’ve got the basics of dieforming already. And you may already have some dies (our first prototypes, or an RBB Workshop Kit). Since the beginning, we’ve always focused on tools and techniques. If you’re ready to take your work to new heights with dieforming, now you can get both.CUTTINGEDGEDieSets.htmlCUTTINGEDGEDieSets.htmlhttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/category/die-sets-long-triosfile://localhost/unnamed-8http://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/long-capsule-trio-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/long-oval-trio-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/long-rectangle-trio-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/long-berry-trio-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/long-bud-trio-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/long-cone-trio-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/long-frond-trio-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/long-leaf-trio-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/long-pebble-trio-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/long-petal-trio-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/long-seed-trio-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/long-stamen-trio-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/circle-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/oval-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/square-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/rectangle-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/triangle-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/diamond-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/berry-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/bud-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/cocoon-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/cone-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/frond-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/leaf-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/round-pebble-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/long-pebble-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/petal-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/raindrop-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/seed-die-sethttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/stamen-die-setshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2
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in the book

  1. Foreword
    by Nan Roche,
    author of The New Clay

  2. Introduction
    includes a brief history of silhouette dieforming in metal, Dan’s story about adapting the process for polymer clay, and a showcase of work by six international artists

  3. How To View This eBook
    a guide to getting the most from your virtual PDF experience (and we think that stands for Pretty Darn Fun!)

  4. WorkSpace Essentials
    a list of all the tools and materials you’ll need to complete the MasterClass, plus Tool Tableaus with more than 50 objects photographed in full colour for easy visual reference

  5. The MasterClass Project a 12-part start-to-finish textbook on how to make a bead, with individual WorkPhases to explain every step in words, theory, and more than 130 photos, sketches, and samples, including designing, dieforming a veneer, baking, trimming, filling, backing, drilling, sanding, and buffing

  6. MasterClass KnowHow stand-alone articles on Burnishing, Baking, Leaching, and Finishing, to get to know these basics even better

  7. PDF hot links
    find your way around the MasterClass quickly and easily, to see where you’re going, or review where you’ve been

  8. high resolution images click, tap, and zoom in on thumbnails and step-outs, to make every photo a full-page photo, enhance your view, and get a new perspective on learning

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“What a milestone in instructional books!”

“An informative work of art, excellent learning tool,
the next best thing to a real life class.”

WOW!!!! The kind of book I’ve wanted for a long time.”

“There is an irresistible beauty in such finely-crafted
You guys just nail it.”

“The layout of the book is inspired, the lessons are
detailed and engaging, and the concept is spot-on.”

Love love love the book – especially on my IPad.
It works perfectly.”

My mind is reeling with possibilities. I feel more
excited about polymer clay than I have in ages

“Very detailed, beautiful pictures, lots of information.”

“Many thanks to both of you for the amazing, super-designed ebook!!!”

“I can’t wait to start experimenting with this gorgeous and classic technique!”

“What a terrific book! My own efforts with this medium have improved immediately.
I am thrilled to have this resource.”

Excellent first book! There is no lack of details. The historical perspective is very helpful.
The fundamentals of working with polymer clay are well discussed and illustrated.

“I'm ready to take my polymer clay skills to the next level, and your words of wisdom will help
get me there.
Please keep writing books.”

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