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We are pleased to present the newest product line in our collection of precision tools for polymer clay: The Cutting Edge Die Sets. 
Specifically designed for this medium, our Die Sets have been the companion tool to one of our most popular workshops, Relief Beyond Belief. Now, they accompany the debut of our first digital MasterClass book, Relief Beyond Belief: Silhouette DieForming in Polymer Clay. 
Our original collection includes six Geometrics (fundamental shapes for foundational forms), and twelve Organics (designs from nature, ready to evolve in your own way). Our dozen Long Trio Die Sets are great to use on their own to make more slender shapes and forms, but have also been designed as perfect companions to their namesake shapes in the original collection.

Our Long Trios: good things come in threes.
Slimmed-down shapes in fresh-picked colours, here are the newest members of the Cutting Edge Die Set family: three Geos and nine Organics.

All the dies are rigid enough to support your clay sheet as you dieform, but still flexible for easy form release. At each size, you have two parts: the die, which also acts as a 'what you see is what you get' window for accurately isolating your veneer design; and its perfectly matched cut-out, which doubles as a template for cutting out shapes from flat sheet veneers. The sets are colour-coded for easy visual reference and sorting. 
Each Long Trio Die Set includes three dies and three matching cut-outs, in three concentric sizes: Small (W .5" x H 1.75"), Medium (W .75" x H 2.25"), and Large (W 1" x H 2.75"). Stack them together by shape, or mix and match them by size.
In the full boxed sets, there are nine dies and nine matching cut-outs, numbered 1 through 9 (smallest to largest), to cross-reference and combine different die shapes at the same scale (perhaps a necklace featuring a series of 1" beads in five different shapes), or stagger the same die shape at different sizes in a graduated series (2, 4, 6, 8, or 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, or 1, 5, 9). 

Check out all our original shapes & sizes.
The collection started in 2007 with some prototypes, in a trio of classic shapes: the Circle, the Oval, and the Square. A small run of these ended up in the hands of workshop students in Korea, Japan, Israel, and a few other dots on the map where we were teaching at the time.

When the time came to turn these start-up shapes into something more, we completed the Geometrics Collection by adding three more shapes (and three more colours): a Rectangle, an equilateral Triangle, and a 'tumbling block' Diamond.

We also designed a dozen additional shapes, inspired by forms found in nature, hand-drawn and then refined into archetypal silhouettes to represent leaves, seeds, pods, pebbles, and other elementals for the Organics Collection.

So, what's in the box?
Each original Cutting Edge Die Set includes a series of nine concentric shapes, ranging from a minimum width of .375" to a maximum height of 2.25". Each set also comes with its own 2.5" by 3.5" safety-edged glass baking tile, so you'll always have the best surface for cleanly firing both the form and flange of your piece.
Leaf Die Set: 9 dies, 9 matching cut-outs, a glass baking tile, and a storage case
Everything fits into a clear storage case, perfect to stack on your studio shelf, and also convenient to take on the go. The dies are 2.5" W by 3.5" H, so a set of nine can also easily be stored and viewed in a standard nine-pocket Trading Card binder page, or your own signature ATC container.

Elegantly simple, simply elegant.
If you've learned how to Build Better Beads or create Relief Beyond Belief, then you know how simple it is to use these dies to turn flat sheets of clay into unique and elegant three-dimensional forms. 
Dan has been designing and making his own dies for years, for structural dieforming (to make armatures and molds), and with decorative veneers (to showcase mica shift, feature pattern, highlight texture, and accentuate blends). With BioForming, Dan has evolved even further from this technique's metal origins, devising unique ways to transform the simplest shapes and colours (and even no colour at all) from plain to complex, flat to convex, in minutes.
Why not give your patterns a little push? Take your textures to higher heights. Bend your blends, and see your shifts really shimmer. With our new Cutting Edge Die Sets, you can celebrate this three-dimensional medium by actually giving it that third dimension. No 3D glasses required.BOOKReliefBeyondBelief.htmlBuildingBetterBeads.htmlReliefBeyondBelief.html
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