What is a ShARK?

When you hear the word 'shark,' you probably think of an ocean-dwelling predator, a big, scary monster with way too many teeth... like the one in that movie where a filmmaker named Spielberg scared us all swimless in the summer of ’75.

But the shark has been around a whole lot longer than its modern movie icon. In fact, it’s the longest-surviving vertebrate, predating dinosaurs and ruling oceans for 400 million years. And it’s done so almost unchanged, so perfectly suited to its environment from the very beginning that the environment itself has actually evolved around it.

Fearsome, formidable, dangerous? Perhaps. But what about efficient, versatile, well-designed? That’s what we were thinking when we designed our ShARK. And ours is nothing to be afraid of.


The Cutting Edge ShARK & Ruler

on an Atlas 150 pasta machine


It's a Sheet Adjuster & Ruler Kit.

The name says it all. The ShARK itself is a magnetic ‘moveable wall,’ a sheet adjuster that turns your single-width pasta machine into a versatile ‘any width’ tool for sheeting, mixing, blending, and reducing polymer clay.

Most pasta machines (and the sheets and blends we make with them) are at least 5 1/2” wide. But often, that’s wider than we want. The ShARK gives you more... of less. Just rest the ShARK anywhere along the fenders of your pasta machine, and its magnets keep it firmly in place, allowing you to predictably and precisely sheet your polymer clay into perfectly rectangular sheets and strips as narrow as you need. When you want to move it to a new position, just tilt, slide, and re-set. The Kit's retrofitting Ruler, also magnetic and marked at 1/16" increments, makes the precision and versatility more definable.

Developed from jigs and models that Dan first made in 2004 to use in his own studio, the original black ShARK fits on the fenders of the Atlas 150 pasta machine.

original ShARK

for the Atlas 150

new White ShARK

for the Amaco,
Makins, and Atlas 180


If you have a different pasta machine, no problem. A great White ShARK is now available. It's the same tool with the same features, just modified to fit the contours of other brands.

For sheeting clay, mixing colours, or creating perfect full-spectrum blends at any width, bring a ShARK into your studio and watch your work evolve.

What can a ShARK do for you? Take a look at this video showing some of the possibilities
(if you have trouble viewing it here, go here for a summary, or watch it on YouTube).

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ShARK Sheet Adjuster

  1. modifies your pasta machine's roller width, from full size down to as narrow as 1/8"

  2. with a pair of embedded magnets, it stays where you put it, but...

  3. it's easy to move to a new position with a single 'tilt and slide'

  4. form: with custom fluted undercurves, it attaches to the fenders, but never touches the rollers

  5. function: its dorsal edges are beveled to prevent your clay sheet from snagging as you feed it

  6. fashion: its sleek shark fin shape looks cool, and adds style to your studio

ShARK Magentic Ruler

  1. 5 1/2" wide, for accurate measuring of your clay, and precise placement of your ShARK

  2. printed on magnetic sheet to firmly attach to the front of the pasta machine, but...

  3. easily removable for use as an independent ruler





All prices are listed in CAN$, and do not include shipping & handling.



"I love the ShARK
I've had other magnets and unless you wedge them against a solid, they simply travel down the roller and do no good at all. I put a hunk of clay in the machine, expecting to nudge the ShARK. But no, it didn't move. My hat's off to you. It works."

Cynthia Tinapple
Polymer Clay Daily

"I just got a ShARK
and I'm really enjoying it.
I've used ceramic magnets covered with polymer clay since the first Ravensdale in 1996. These work okay, but it's sometimes a little difficult to get the exact width I want. The ShARK, with the Ruler, makes it a lot easier and more precise. So I'm delighted!"

Dotty McMillan
artist author teacher

"I have a ShARK
and while I love the way it adjusts the size of the sheet of clay, I admit that it wasn’t until I saw the "What is a Sh.A.R.K.?" video that I truly understood that I had a powerhouse sitting on my pasta machine!"

Susan Lomuto

Daily Art Muse

buy The ShARKhttp://thecuttingedge.bigcartel.com/product/the-cutting-edge-shark