Bioforming is a technique that I have been exploring for almost two decades. 

It's accessible yet intimate. Improvisational and intuitive. Low tech, high impact, and fun. It's an easy addition to your polymer clay skillset, but can be used to create very sophisticated work.

Please join me for the debut of my next online workshop . . .


   Eames Nopal Pin  by Dan Cormier   August 2018

Eames Nopal Pin by Dan Cormier  August 2018




process-based + project-based

an accessible and open-ended system for turning flat sheets OF POLYMER CLAY into ONE-OF-A-KIND organic 3d forms



During our 4 weeks together, I'll guide you through a series of exploratory open-ended MODULES, revealing all my BioForming secrets. There will also be a series of WORKPHASE LESSONS outlining ways to turn a Bioform into a finished piece, for those wanting to see something through as a class project.

These Modules and Workphase Lessons will include:

  • considerations for choosing the size and shape of your silhouette Die

  • tools and techniques for creating a language of Bioforming motifs, including Bumps, Ridges, Dips, Pinches, and Twists 

  • design tips for choosing and combining motifs within your overall silhouette shape

  • clay & colour considerations to enhance your design

  • baking tips & techniques

  • multi-phase construction techniques specific to Bioforming

  • strategies for efficient and effective sanding & buffing

As a shortcut to sculpting that's easy and accessible, Bioforming is really fun! With attention to detail and mindfully mastering each WorkPhase along the way, you will be able to turn a Bioform of your choice into a simple wearable object.

Students will also receive a Bioforming Die Set, specially designed for this online workshop. This is included in the tuition and will be shipped prior to the first day of class.


One of the really cool things about Bioforming is just how little you need to give it a try. Minimal tools, minimal clay, minimal fuss.

If you have a basic polymer clay studio set-up, you won't need much more than that. The only 'specialty item' will be your Bioforming Die Set... but that's included in your tuition. 

A complete Materials List will be sent out to registered students next month.


As a valued member of our community, you're invited to the 'front of the class'!
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We also use your address as a general reference to know where you are in the world, so we can be as sensitive as possible to the different time zones of our students... and also celebrate the diversity of our global group

Once you're confirmed, we'll be in touch as needed as the course draws nearer, with further info about the curriculum, your Materials List, and other related details to get you ready for the first day of class, Friday, November 2, 2018.




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If you would like to guarantee your spot, sign up at the special 'Subs Only' price, get your custom Bioforming Die Set delivered on time, and be a part of this ‘first class’ workshop debut, please register before Wednesday, August 15, 2018.



Despite the approaching deadline to sign up for this course, we do encourage everyone to make their decision thoughtfully. But we also understand that sometimes changes are necessary, and we will be happy to consider any refund requests with you one-to-one.

If you want to cancel your registration before we’ve shipped you your Bioforming Die Set, you may be eligible for a full refund.

If you want to cancel your registration after we’ve shipped you your Bioforming Die Set, you may be eligible for a refund, less the cost of the Die Set and its shipping.

Once the course has started and you have accessed the content via our virtual classroom, our basic policy is that you will not be eligible for a refund. However, we are prepared to make exceptions in extenuating circumstances, and in our previous courses, that's exactly what we've done, offering full or partial refunds, or issuing credits towards future courses. Each situation is different and nothing is intended to be precedent-setting, but we are always willing to work with anyone towards a positive resolution that is as fair as possible to the student, to us, and to the other students enrolled in the course.


Suitable for opaque, metallic, or translucent clay sheets, or as a way to enhance a blended, textured, or patterned veneer, Bioforming can elevate to look of a flat sheet within many different silhouette shapes at a wider-than-you-think range of sizes.

Here are some examples of Bioforming I've done over the years, from studio prototypes to gallery pieces. Click on any of the images to get a closer look at each of these objects and learn more about their place in the history of this original technique... 


Here are some more details, not just about this upcoming course, but about our online classroom and community in general.

We've also included some personal perspectives from our Building Better Beads GuestBook, graduates sharing the takeaway moments and favourite memories from our previous workshop... 

Dan’s incredible online courses have been game changers for me at many levels, not just in respect to technique but in a deeper more metaphorical sense. Thank you. I have learnt so much. And thank you to the other students who have been such a joy to work with!
— Wendy Moore
For me, BBB was an incredible journey into “polymer clay awareness.” After every single step, I felt more confident and more conscious of the whole building process. I’m enriched as an artisan and polymer lover by this online course. Thanks Dan + Tracy!
— Fabiana Tosti


The course will run from Friday, November 2 through to Sunday, December 2, 2018.

We'll begin with a brief orientation, to get everyone settled in the virtual classroom with tools and materials ready. This will also be our chance to introduce ourselves to one another, an important part of building our virtual classroom community. 

After that, the course will begin and the workspace will be open for a full four weeks. Depending on your level and experience, as the lessons and other course content are introduced, you can plan your studio time as it suits your schedule to work at a mindful and intentional pace, both on your own, and as part of our supported classroom community.

This is my first experience working with polymer clay and I took full advantage of reviewing lessons several times and keeping notes. My goal coming into the class was to accelerate my learning curve and make well constructed pieces with finesse. This course has delivered that and more. I now feel confident to start using my own designs and have the outcomes that I aspired to achieve prior to the course. Thank you, Dan and Tracy
— Darla Van Horne
Thanks for another awesome class. I love both of your work, and am especially fond of Dan’s esthetic. I’m finally getting to a place where I feel like I can figure out how to make my work my own rather than just copying. I am so grateful that you both share your knowledge, tips and tools in such an AWESOME online forum. So much easier than schlepping everything to a class, and competing for the instructor’s attention. I get to work at my own pace. More please!
— Jennifer Elliott


The curriculum content will be a mix of recorded video demos, posted written instructions, downloadables, and other resources, all fully accessible 24/7 within our virtual classroom for the duration of the workshop.

A Comments area within each lesson will provide a place to ask questions, post pictures of your work, get feedback, and benefit from community learning, teacher-to-student and peer-to-peer. Mix that with the focus and feel of one-on-one teaching and self-paced learning, as you work through this experience in the best classroom of all: your own studio.

BBB was amazingly fun, full of so much wise, helpful knowledge that Dan and Tracy have garnered through their years of craftsmanship and excellence. I thought I couldn’t love polymer any more than I already did.
And their virtual classroom is a treasure. Being able to hear the words and see the work of other students is a whole other bonus.
— Julia Grenville
Best Practices, State of the Art, Legacy-worthy Instruction, Sound Fundamentals, and Exceptional Production Value… in our jammies.
Checks ALL the boxes!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Jill Kollmann



In registering for Bioforming, you are registering for a real-time, beginning-to-end 4-week workshop.

You are not purchasing a downloadable library of videos, a collection of PDF tutorials, a digital ebook, or any other curriculum content to own for reference 'later.' Having a built-in deadline is intended to help you commit to this course and focus on it in a mindful and invested way. The learning is in the doing, and nowhere is that more true than with the process and practice of actively exploring and making something real.

This internet-accessible course is designed to be just like an in-person workshop, but lasting longer than workshops typically last (4 full weeks instead of one single weekend), and, via your own web connection, you'll always have a front row seat.

Unlike an in-person workshop, you'll be able to access our virtual classroom 24/7, without ever having to leave your own studio. You can focus in and work on your own, or share your experience, progress, and perspective with fellow students via Comments within each lesson. And teacher support will always be available, via feedback within the classroom, or via email.

As a complete newbie to polymer clay, I was amazed that I managed to complete a well finished bead. I’ve learned so much. The instructions - written and video - were clear. All along the way I was surprised in the results. I feel like I’ve skipped through a few decades of fumbling and experimentation to get a very solid foundation. It was exactly what I needed and I cannot wait to continue. I would recommend Dan’s courses to anyone, from handy beginners to full-time professionals.
— Colleen Manestar
I am overjoyed that I signed up for Dan and Tracy’s online course. It was a huge step for me as I’m a relative beginner to polymer clay, and I was worried that I may be in over my head. However, the clear written instructions and expert videos helped me take each stage with ease. I’m really happy with my beads, and plan to do more using the techniques I learned. I will definitely sign up for the next D & T course. It was a totally wonderful experience. Thank you!
— Marion Mathews


My vision for teaching has always been to provide not just information, but transformation. I have been working with polymer clay for more than 25 years, and as much as I have to share as a teacher, your participation as a student in this workshop is encouraged.

By immersing yourself in the exploration Modules and following along with the WorkPhases, not only will you learn how to create your own collection of signature Bioforms and perhaps turn one into a finished piece, you will also develop ways to improve and refine your craftsmanship overall, so that first-class work habits become second nature.

I enjoy in-depth classes. I like getting to know my instructor and classmates...the electricity of all that creativity. I was afraid I’d miss that aspect with an online course... but I was so wrong!
I liked that I could watch Dan’s demos over and over. His videos and written descriptions are extremely detailed with lots of helpful tips. He and Tracy interact with the students, commenting on the work, answering questions and troubleshooting in a timely manner. The students are from all over the world and we formed a little global community. I took SSM and loved it. Then BBB taught me how to craft a well made bead with my veneers. My goal was to improve my technique and to achieve professional results. Success! I anxiously await Dan and Tracy’s next offering.
— Caroline Alderman
This workshop has been wonderful in many ways! The instructional writing and videos have fully explained each phase in the process. The pace of introducing each phase has been very carefully considered and flowed beautifully. The encouragement of Dan and Tracy in their responses to individual comments was nurturing and inspirational. I learnt and was continually surprised by the importance of focusing on the details of each step. The collegiate atmosphere of sharing and communicating by participants from all over the world offered fantastic support. It is sad to be completing the workshop. I feel a genuine fondness for Dan and Tracy and will continue following their work and teaching with eager anticipation and good wishes.
— Sue Shrubb


We have wanted to teach these techniques for a long time, and we’re super excited about what we have planned for the debut of this 4-week workshop.

But there are lots of other original techniques we want to teach too (Blurred LinesMatrix CanesPerfect Fit Vessels…). We also have an all-new yet-to-be-announced MasterClass coming in February. And we plan to repeat both Single Slice Mokume and Building Better Beads with on-demand encores in the Spring of 2019.

Never say never, but it will likely be 2020 before Bioforming comes back around on our course calendar.

We'd love to have you join us this November, so don't miss your chance to register today...

$145 (CAN$)

Your course tuition includes 24/7 access to all the demo videos, written notes, and other resources posted in our virtual classroom, one-on-one connection for teacher support and feedback (via Comments or email), and peer-to-peer interaction within our student community, for the full duration of the 4-week workshop.

It also includes a custom Bioforming Die Set especially designed for this course, which will be shipped to you in time for the first day of class, Friday, November 2, 2018 (and yes, shipping is included too). 


If you have any questions at all about this upcoming workshop, we'd love to hear from you!

Please contact us and we'll reply via email and/or share your Q and our A right here on this webpage.


If Bioforming isn't quite what you're looking for, or it doesn't fit within your already-busy Fall schedule, you may want to start planning now for 2019.

Here are the courses that are coming up next. If you're interested in joining us for any of them, simply complete the forms here and we'll make sure you're notified when we have any updates. Remember, Subscribers are always the first to know.





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