After teaching in-person workshops for more than two decades, we are currently adapting our original techniques and courses to online learning, to feature classics like The Cutting Edge to stuff so new I'm only starting to explore it (yes, even after 20+ years, there's always more to discover).

We presented 3 online courses in 2018, we debuted a new MasterClass in 2019, and we’ll be kicking off 2020 with a third MasterClass in January. We’re also making room for re-play workshops, so that our already-debuted courses can be accessible to those who missed them the first time around.

A ‘cutting edge’ take on canework, the basics and beyond with Building Better Beads, widening the realm of mokume, and turning clean colourful lines into beautifully blurry blends, are you ready to invest in fresh ideas, explore new possibilities, and take your work to the next level? Get ready for a journey to unexplored places, to push the boundaries of craftsmanship and design, to challenge your passion for polymer clay… without ever leaving your studio.

Here's a PEEK AT WHAT’S NEXT ON our calendar . . . 

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JANUARY 3, 2020


BLENDED patterns in polymer clay

Scheduled to debut in our online classroom as the first MasterClass of 2020, this all-new course will challenge the way you think about complex blending and the interaction of colour. Nearly 25 years after the Skinner Blend opened our eyes to the math and magic of colour flow in polymer clay, Blurred Lines takes blending even further, giving 20/20 clarity to a classic concept.

Full details will be announced in October, and our Subscribers will be first to get the scoop on this new curriculum, our cutting edge online classroom format, and how you can be part of our global learning community.

five days only : spaces are limited

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When I first started working with polymer clay, it was 1992. I knew nothing about the material, and learning more was not as easy as it has become in the age of the internet. But I have always found that the learning is in the doing, and before long, I was not just making things, I was teaching others how to make them too.

Since 1996, my partner Tracy and I have presented my techniques and projects to pockets of polymer people all over the world through a variety of different in-person workshops, retreats, and conferences. Connected to that, we’ve shared knowledge, experience, and insight through The Cutting Edge, our boutique collection of original tools, tutorials, and digital books.

Nothing beats a workshop as a time and place to share the creative experience in a connective and collective way… but not everyone can share that time and place. 

And digital books are an amazing way to expand the reach of our teaching… but they don’t allow for the interactivity and energy that comes from being in a classroom community.

In the summer of '17, we decided it was time to explore something in between, not as a compromise, but rather as an ideal hybrid that took the best parts of both – the workshop and the web – and combined them into something better…

Our first Online MasterClass, Single Slice Mokume, was a process-based intensive, all about creating decorative patterned veneers through the intentional exploration of a new mokume mindset.


We followed that with a complementary project-based workshop. As its name suggests, Building Better Beads was all about building, exploiting the structural properties of polymer clay, and seeing that through to the final finish.


Exploring the decorative, mastering the structural, our next online course was a bit of both. Building on my Relief Beyond Belief silhouette dieforming techniques for turning flat veneers into voluptuous 3D forms, Bioforming revealed even more relief, adding decorative texture to an overall surface, with more flair, more flourish, and the occasional unexpected twist.


This workshop is not currently scheduled for 2019, but Bioforming is pencilled in to return in the Spring of 2020.

If you would like to be notified when this course is being offered again in the future, please complete this form to Subscribe and we'll add your name to the Bioforming Wait List.

Please note, this schedule reflects our plans for online offerings in 2019, but content and dates are subject to change.

As always, we welcome your input and inquiries. We may repeat courses once they have debuted, but since we have so many other courses we want to teach, it’s far more likely that we will continue to develop new curriculum for MasterClasses and Workshops in 2020. If any of the above courses here are something you want to learn, we strongly recommend you sign up for them when they are next offered, as they may not come around again for a while...