From January to April 2018, 210 students from 30 countries around the world gathered together in a virtual classroom to learn a new mokume mindset: designing, building, and altering layers of polymer clay to create dynamic veneers in the single slices they revealed. 

Combining a simple language of motifs, basic studio tools, intentional layering of clay, personal colour palettes, and curated design influences, the pattern possibilities were exponentially explored by students at all levels.

Single Slice Mokume is not just a single technique. It's a whole design and pattern-making system that allows for a great diversity of unique and personalized veneers, as represented by this wonderful collection of slices made by students during the debut of this online MasterClass course...

SSM Student Showcase Diptic.jpeg

Here are messages from some of our 'Class of 2018' alumni about their SSM experience…

The sheer wealth of creative knowledge, intelligence, organization and techniques that you’ve shared in this class has been extraordinary. Thank you so much for all that you have given. This class has and will continue to open up many creative paths for me to pursue. I look forward to finding out more of what you’ll be teaching in the future.

Nancy Marland Wolinski  :  USA
This is the best clay class I’ve ever taken. Why? Because of your attention to detail, your task analysis, the fact that I didn’t have to try to keep up with the class with the clock ticking, the absence of concern that my work didn’t look like everyone else’s down the row. . . . And those are just some of the reasons. I haven’t even addressed the super cool skills I learned! Heads up, next group! Don’t plan to just squeeze this class into your free time; it will work better if you plan to squeeze a little free time into the class! Well done, Dan + Tracy.

Pam W. Skersick  :  USA
This course has ticked ALL the boxes, and then some.  Informative, interesting, inspiring, encouraging and fun! Thanks to the well considered and beautifully presented  workshop modules and the help and encouragement from Dan and Tracy, I have come away from Single Slice Mokume with much more than just a new technique. This course has provided the opportunity to hone my technical skills and take my design process to the next level. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Jayne Traeger-Bliss  :  AUSTRALIA
This class has been a wonderful and unique learning experience. Thank you, Dan and Tracy, for so generously sharing not just your Single Slice Mokume techniques, but also very practical and useful methods for working with color and using our creativity. It will all be very useful to me for a long time to come. You put so much thought, care, time and effort into this class. I feel like I got so much more than I paid for.

Phyllis P. Cahill  :  USA
I had no idea what to expect from Single Slice Mokume. I did not even know what the concept meant. All I knew was that the two artists who wrote ‘Relief Beyond Belief’ were presenting an online course. And that was enough reason for me to sign on. 
All the techniques were unknown to me. New. Unique. And they explained a lot of my How-did-he-do-that’s. The presentation was out of this world: variety of media; excellent photographs and professional videos; concise descriptions and summaries of the processes; involving the learner and one-on-one teaching through the Comments. You have set the bar very high and it will be a hard act to follow for any other on-line teachers. Dan, I admire your decision to share the techniques you have worked on for many years. This course will ensure that Single Slice Mokume will become part of the future vocabulary of clayers. Tracy, your input around the use of colour was a major corner stone (or breakthrough) of this course. Another characteristic of the course was your teaching about process: progress rather than perfection. You successfully facilitated a can-do belief in the students. Completing this course leaves me with a sense of achievement. I am sure that this course will be the watershed for my art when I look back. The cherry on top was sharing your thoughts on “how” to evolve one’s art through finding inspiration in other art forms and the world around us. You presented us with lovely ideas on lateral thinking. I particularly like the What If-ing. I hear myself quoting you while I work: Dan said:... I am gob-smacked. Something has hit me. It will take me months to chew through this. May we make you proud....

Sarah Dreyer  :  SOUTH AFRICA
Dear Dan and Tracy, this course has been the most interesting, fascinating and wow-ing experience in polymer clay I have ever had in my life! You guys taught us how to create impressive effects just with simple tools (I like beauty in simplicity). From Tracy (finally!) I learnt how to create colour palettes in a way I like... since you posted that series of lessons I couldn’t stop mixing colours. In the later modules, you showed us probably the most important thing for an artist: how to find our own inspiration. It’s been a wonderful journey, with the best companions. Looking forward to participating to your next course. A huge thank you!!

Francesca Gorrini  :  AUSTRALIA
Dan and Tracy, this has been such an incredible experience. The online format allowed me to participate in the course at a pace that accommodated real life intrusions. Beyond that - every section was so thoughtfully prepared and presented, it was like having the teachers all to myself even though I knew the classroom was world wide and full of other creative souls. The methodical build of skill and mastery and attention to details that make all the difference has greatly influenced the way I approach not only clay but other creative endeavours as well. It was amazing the way each module would unfold and “reveal” more and still more creative opportunities to explore.  Thank you so very much for your generosity, guidance and inspiration. Well done!

JaNita Clairmont  :  USA
Thank you, Tracy and Dan! This has undoubtedly been the best polymer clay experience I have had as well as the best on-line course imaginable! I look forward to many enjoyable and productive hours claying. When I registered, I wondered about the cost of the course. As I think of it now, it has been the equivalent of a week-long course, taught in a room with perfect overhead projection of Dan’s claywork, with so few students that everybody gets feedback, but so many students that there are a hundred or more creative, engaged minds participating.  When I add the fact that I could participate as my schedule permitted and watch Dan repeat processes as often as I wanted, the comparison becomes nonsensical. You have been wonderfully generous and unfailingly thoughtful. You made a worldwide platform into a warm and comfortable environment. You have changed the way I look at polymer clay. I look forward to your continued on-line offerings!

Marcelyn Smale  :  USA
Thank you Dan and Tracy for a wonderful and enriching learning experience. I appreciate that you took the risks in developing an online course, living on the “other side of the world” and in a small country town has meant I was able to be exposed to very explicit teaching, great music, and the sense of a creative community. The additional resources, worksheets and a gentle homework timeline has consolidated learning, and I look forward to your next course.

Rebecca Edwards  :  AUSTRALIA
Thank you, Dan and Tracy, for this great online course. It has been an amazing journey from start to finish, and at the beginning I would have never thought I could make veneers like I did in the last module. The videos and explanations were so clear and comprehensive as if being with you in a real classroom. Thank you, Dan, for sharing even more of your ways as an artist in your essays. They are so inspiring and thought provoking. And thank you, Tracy, for the colourful insights, that was like a BreakThroughColour Kickstarter bonus. And I appreciate the format (including the time extension) which let me finish all the modules even with being some weeks away from my polymer work table. I’m looking forward to the next courses and hope to meet some of my classmates from around the world there again.

Eckhard Sutorius  :  SCOTLAND
Thank you both for this wonderful, comprehensive class with the most detailed demos I’ve ever seen! It has been fun to follow along and learn with a bunch of people from all over the world. I am sad this class is ending but also happy because now starts the joy of anticipating your next one.

Alexandra Pemberton  :  USA
Dan and Tracy - thank you for sharing with us your knowledge, creativity, inspiration of polymer clay and color. It was an exceptional class and worth many times more than the tuition we paid. I have always loved your art and now I realize the commitment that you have made to the polymer clay world. Thank you for sharing this class with all of us who could not travel to take a hands-on-class. I like working from my studio anyway so that worked so well for me. I look forward to your next class but have lots to work on with this one first.

Carol Lockwood  :  USA
Mine is just one of MANY testimonials that declare gratitude for your generosity, skill, attention to detail, thoughtfulness and a wonderful course. I really didn’t know what to expect with this course and came to it a little nervously, aware that my time was limited. Even with the little I have been able to do, I have been blown away by the creative seeds that have been sown. Wonderful clear videos, great written notes (an absolute boon for deaf people like me), gentle humour, responsiveness, encouragement, commitment to growth and great pacing mean that my confidence grew in leaps and bounds as I progressed. I am looking forward to returning to the techniques, practising them and adding my own voice. Dan and Tracy...thank you. To those considering doing this course...consider no longer. Do yourself a wonderful favour and start it!

Wendy Moore  :  AUSTRALIA

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