Our online store, The Cutting Edge, has been officially closed since August 2018.

But we decided to kickstart the new year with something new: our first-ever Pop-Up Shop, which opened for eight days only, Sunday to Sunday, Jan.20-27, 2019.

With the debut of three online workshops welcoming hundreds of students from 40 different countries, 2018 was a big year for us as teachers. That’s why we decided to do something BIG with one of our favourite tools as well...

The Pop-Up may be closed for now, but we’re going to leave this info accessible so you can review our full collection of Cutting Edge Die Sets, ready for the next time our Pop-Up Shop pops up.

What exactly are Die Sets? Keep reading…


Looking for an easy but elegant new way to make one-of-a-kind 3D forms in our medium, I first adapted traditional metal dieforming for polymer clay in 1998.

Open-ended, fast, and really fun (requiring less time and less clay than molding, sculpting, or carving), it wasn’t long before I took this big push into my work as a teacher and tool designer. Die Sets became a part of The Cutting Edge collection through workshops, our online store, and our first digital book, Relief Beyond Belief. Ten years after debuting our first sets – a Circle, an Oval, and a Square – this collection of custom tools has grown, with a new set of LARGE Die Sets.

The fundamentals of dieforming were featured most recently in our last online workshop, Bioforming, providing students with a foundation for further exploration. Here are some pics from one of that workshop’s lessons, showing the basic steps for turning a flat sheet of clay into a 3-dimensional form.


You can also see the full ‘flat-to-form’ process in a hands-on real-time video, WHAT IS DIEFORMING? recently posted on The Cutting Edge Facebook page.


Celebrating more than 20 years of dieforming in polymer clay, and marking the 10-year anniversary of the debut of our Cutting Edge Die Set Collection, we have now added an all-new collection of LARGE Dies Sets, including 12 familiar favourite shapes from our Geometrics, Organics, Insects, and Polygons, and introducing 6 brand new bio-inspired shapes to evolve the collection even further.

Starting in sizes where the regular Die Sets stop, these bigger shapes mean bigger possibilities, giving you more room to feature fuller forms, broader blends, and bold fields of pattern and texture. Each set is a concentric series of 5 Large Dies and their matching 5 Cut-Outs.


How big is big?

To give you a sense of the scale, our Regular Dies are ‘playing card’ sized at 2.5” W by 3.5” H.

The LARGE Dies are 3.75” W by 4.75” H.

The classic Circle Die Set starts with a tiny .5” diameter window and scales up with 8 more sizes to its largest Circle at 1.5”.

The smallest LARGE Circle keeps going from there at 1.7” and the set of 5 continues up to the biggest LARGE Circle at 2.5”.


In our first MasterClass of 2018, students explored a wider range of pattern possibilities with a WIDE Peeler and Single Slice Mokume. In Building Better Beads, students had a chance to up their studio skills and up the impact of their work with scaled up samples of some of our shapes. And the online learning experience ended big with our biggest class ever, as students got to try Bioforming with a hands-on sneak peek at some LARGE Die Set prototypes.

Seeing our students transform their work with wider veneers, better built beads, and a new ‘twist’ on dieforming, we knew there was room for even more Big. We look forward to seeing how these new LARGE Die Sets expand your possibilities for making bigger beads, bigger brooches, or however you want to explore the ‘more’ of working bigger!

With 18 shapes in 5 sizes each, here’s a look at our new LARGE Die Sets, starting with the newest shapes of all…


diatom defined.png

Whether evocative of something you might discover during a beach walk at low tide, something you might find growing or glowing in a tropical jungle, or something you might see revealed in the field of a microscope slide, we designed these cell-like shapes as open spaces waiting to be filled and further evolved as forms…

Large DUATOM Cover.png
Large PENTATOM Cover.png
Large TRIATOM Cover.png
Large HEXATOM Cover.png
Large TETRATOM Cover.png
Large HEPTATOM Cover.png


CIRCLE and OVAL are about as classic as you can get, so they were obvious choices to scale up in size. And though we've never had a HEXAGON, we're happy to welcome this six-sided shape to the Geo clan...

Large CIRCLE Cover.png
Large OVAL Cover.png
Large HEXAGON Cover.png


Inspired by archetypal shapes found in nature, our original 12 Organics were an important complement to the mathematical order of the Geometrics. Here are BERRY, STAMEN, and PEBBLE scaled up for the new collection...

Large BERRY Cover.png
Large PEBBLE Cover.png
Large STAMEN Cover.png


You may not like real bugs, but it's hard to not like the elegant shapes of their bodies, heads, legs, and wings, decontextualized as silhouettes for design. And if you don't like little bugs, you probably don't like bigger bugs, but we hope you'll like our bigger CICADAGRASSHOPPER, and MANTIS...

Large CICADA Cover.png
Large GRASSHOPPER Cover.png
Large MANTIS Cover.png


As a collection of crystals, or something more intergalactic, the Polygons combine geo and organic, skewing the sides of familiar shapes into asymmetrical interpretations. We picked ANDROMEDAAURORA, and NEBULA to add some 'big bang' to this debut...

Large ANDROMEDA Cover.png
Large AURORA Cover.png
Large NEBULA Cover.png

These new LARGE Die Sets were available for a limited time in a special Cutting Edge Pop-Up Shop, which we opened for eight days only, Sunday, Jan.20 to Sunday, Jan.27.

To see how they fit in with our current Die Set collection, here’s a reminder of all our Regular Die Set shapes…


reg GEOS set.jpg


reg ORGS set.jpg


reg BUGS set.jpg


reg POLYS set.jpg


We also featured our top three Studio Essentials in the Pop-Up Shop: Burnishing Kits for all your smoothing, sealing, and pre-sanding needs; Sanding Sponges, a 2-in-1 tool for texturing, shaping, bezelling, and surface finishing; and Sandpaper Kits with 3M 400 and 600 grit wet/dry in pre-cut studio-size sheets.

Sponge Bezel PopUp.jpg
Sandpaper PopUp.jpeg


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